The Woolie Little-Size Natural Sheepskin Paint Pad Faux Painting (Value-Set)

The Woolie Little-Size Natural Sheepskin Paint Pad Faux Painting (Value-Set)

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The Little Woolie is for small, hard to reach areas while faux finish painting. A MUST-HAVE when painting with our Dual 2-Color Split Roller and/or The Woolie Faux Paint Finish Tool. The Little Woolie is made from Natural Sheepskin, washable and reusable. Also use for faux Clouds painting. Use The Little Woolie for creating faux finish color combination sample boards. Fast and easy to clean.


    • 100% Natural Australian Sheepskin Shearling Lambskin
    • MADE IN USA using Natural Australian Sheepskin
    • The Woolie Original Faux Painting Pads create many Faux Painting Techniques.
    • Uses wall paint or faux painting technique glaze.
    • You have total control to create your own desired look. Gives professional-looking results!
    • The Woolie's wrap-around edges FIT perfectly snugly into your project's edges, corners and ceiling lines.
    • Washes quickly. (See Instructions)
    • VERY lightweight and ergonomic for easy use.

    • Smooth surfaces
    • Textured surfaces
    • Interior projects
    • Exterior projects


    Color-Meshing (No new base coat required)

    Marbleizing (No new base coat required)

    • See Instruction Steps
    • See Instruction Video
    • See Color Combination Idea Samples                     

    Glazing | Color Wash (Requires Faux Glaze)

    Dragging | Strié (Requires Faux Glaze)

    Linen | Denim (Requires Faux Glaze)

    Leather | Stippling (Requires Faux Glaze)

    Clouds (Requires Faux Glaze)


    The Woolie has been deemed the best-selling and most popular decorative faux finish painting tool for creating many faux finish painting techniques. 

    What is special about The Woolie Pads are designed to fit into all of your edges and corners, giving you consistent and professional-looking results! Use on anything that can be painted! The Woolie faux finish paint tool is fast and easy for beginners to professionals.

    We now offer a MINI version of this tool for smaller projects.  Use The Little Woolie to blend your edges and corners to get professional-looking results.

    Designed for all types of painting projects. Great for smooth or textured walls.  

    The Woolie Painting Technique Instructions -

    We continually work hard to provide you with with the best How-To Paint steps and instruction videos, By the time you begin your project, you can feel confident. Our goal is to make sure we provide you with the proper information every step of the way so that you proudly succeed in creating your desired paint finish.

    Since 1997, The Woolie has been the most popular Faux Finishing paint tool brand on the market. When you are successful, then we are too!  (We proudly celebrate 23+ years of our customer's success.)