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2-Color Roller-Meshing Paint Technique
How To Faux Paint 1-2-3 Steps
  • Our Dual 2-Color Faux Finish Paint Roller is the MOST POPULAR Faux Finish painting tool!

  • Applies 2 colors of regular wall paint in one coat. (works with our Dual 2-Color split tray).

  • No New Base Coat required before using this technique.


  • The Little Woolie is for small, hard to reach areas while faux finish painting. Made from 100% Natural Sheepskin, so it is washable & Reusable.

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2-Color Roller-Meshing | STEPS | 1-2-3-4

The Dual 2-Color Split Roller is our most popular faux finish painting tool. It saves you time compared to other techniques.


You do not need to apply a new base coat prior to faux finishing. It applies 2 contrasting wall paint colors to your wall in one fast and easy coat. You control the look by the paint colors that you choose and by how much you blend the colors. The more you roll, the softer and more muted the look becomes.


We now offer MINI versions of this tool for smaller spaces.  Use The Little Woolie to blend your edges and corners to get professional-looking results.

Designed for all types of painting projects. Great for smooth or textured walls.  Plus, you do not need to worry about keeping a "wet edge" when faux finishing - you can start and stop in the middle of the wall if you need to.  This makes this technique PERFECT for large or vaulted walls, floors or ceilings.

We pride ourselves also upon providing you with with the best instruction steps, instruction videos, color ideas and inspiration for your paint decorating.  Since 1997, The Woolie has been the most popular Faux Finishing paint tool brand on the market. Humbly, we're world-famous for our great tools.


Instruction Steps

Using The Woolie 2-Color Split Painting Roller

If you have never faux finished with The Woolie Faux Painting Tools and Techniques, view our detailed step-by-step instruction videos to ensure your delight and success.

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Carefully review our 

Preparation Instructions

before you begin.


You will find the link to this guide (PDF file) near the top of this page.

If you have never faux finished with The Woolie Faux Painting Tools and Techniques, view our detailed step-by-step instruction videos to ensure your delight and success.

  • Pour regular latex wall paint colors into The Woolie Brand 2-Color Split Painting Tray. 

  • Each paint color is to be contained separately.  

  • DO NOT dilute the paint or mix with faux finish glaze.  

Helpful Tips

  • You must use 2 highly-contrasting wall paint colors. 

  • These colors must be AT LEAST 4 shades apart. 

  • Refer to our detailed how-to instruction steps about how to choose color combinations for The Woolie 2-Color Roller-Meshing.  (This can be found in our Preparation Instructions for 2-Color Roller-Meshing.)  



  • Load The 2-Color Roller with the 2 paint colors you added to the tray

  • This is done by back and forth rolling in the split painting tray. 

  •  It’s important that you load the paint evenly to the tips of the sheepskin nap.

  • Do NOT load the paint overly aggressively by attempting to submerge the roller.  

  • You should focus on getting the paint on just the tips of the sheepskin.

Roller-Meshing Step 2.png

Helpful Tip

The divider on the split paint tray is designed to help prevent you from overly saturating the 2-Color Roller which will cause undesirable application problems. 

Roller-Meshing Step 3B.png

  • LIGHTLY roll the paint colors onto the wall working in (short strokes). Work within a 3 foot by 3 foot surface area before you need to re-load the The Woolie Roller. 

  •  LIGHTLY Roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally to ensure that the pre-existing color is completely covered and that you create a random, but consistent pattern with your new faux finished colors.


  • Rolling less creates a more textured and bold appearance color variation.  Rolling more creates a soft and muted appearance of blended color variation.

  •  Get as close to the edges, corners and ceiling lines as possible using the 2-Color roller.

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t over-blend the colors using the roller because this may cause colors to appear “muddy” or blend into a single color.

  • DO NOT roll aggressively or apply pressure on the 2-Color Roller!! The amount of force used has no affect on the resulting appearance.

  • Applying too much pressure when rolling may result in causing the natural sheepskin nap to become matted and deviate from its intended performance.



  • When you reach a corner, edge or ceiling line, just brush the paint colors evenly along these areas with the set of 1 inch brushes.

  •  Proceed by patting/tapping with The Little Woolie to create a subtle transition to the adjacent area painted with the 2-Color Roller.

  • This also works well for areas that may be too small for the full-sized 2-Color Roller.

Roller-Meshing Step 4.png

Helpful Tips

  • It very important that you apply masking tape to protect your woodwork and ceiling lines BEFORE you begin painting. 

  • Refer to our detailed how-to instruction steps about masking tape for The Woolie 2-Color Roller-Meshing.  (This can be found in our Preparation Instructions for 2-Color Roller-Meshing.)  

  • Always blend edges, corners and ceiling lines at the same time you are using the roller.  Do NOT wait to do this until the end to blend these areas.

This Section Provides
Additional Resources and
Helpful Information
For The 2-Color Roller-Meshing 
Faux Painting Technique

If you have never faux finished with The Woolie, view our detailed step-by-step instruction videos to ensure your delight and success.

Type of Paint | Faux Glaze

You should NOT use Faux Finish Glaze for this faux painting technique.

2-Color Roller-Meshing | How To Paint Te

Type of Paint: 

  • Use latex satin finish paint colors. 

  • This will allow your surface to be scrubbed and is extremely durable.

  • The luster of the latex satin will enhance the final look as well.  

  • Latex satin will also allow you the flexibility of adding additional optional layers using The Woolie. 

  • One option is adding a second layer using the Color Wash Technique.

2-Color Roller-Meshing | How To Paint Te
Choose Your Colors

  • When using the 2-Color Roller, use 1 light color and 1 dark color. 

  • These colors should be approximately 3 to 4 shades apart on a paint fan deck.   

  • If you wish to increase the illusion of texture, choose your colors 4 to 6 shades apart instead of the standard 3 to 4 shades. 

  • You can also decrease the illusion of texture by choosing colors 2 to 3 shades apart. 

  • These recommendations are general guidelines and should be used as such.  You can become more creative with experimentation and sampling of colors.  

2-Color Roller-Meshing | How To Choose P