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MASTER Layered Samples Color-Meshing Hal
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About The
2-6 Color-Meshing Paint Technique
How To Faux Paint Steps
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  • PERFECT for Any size project - large or small.

  • Use on smooth or textured surfaces

  • No new base coat is needed BEFORE you paint!  You can work directly on builder's flat paint, or even a primer coat.  

  • You apply between 2 to 6 colors in ONE coat, not in layers.

  • Because you're using The Woolie tool for this technique, you'll be able to use it to get professional-looking edges, corners and ceiling lines.  

  • No faux glazes are needed for this faux finish, so you don't need to worry about keeping a "wet edge" while you paint a wall.

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The Woolie has been deemed the best-selling and most popular decorative faux finish painting tool for creating many faux finish painting techniques. Use The Woolie for: Color-Meshing, Marbling, Color Wash, Glazing, Dragging, Strié, Linen, Denim, Antiqued Leather, Stippling, Diamonds, Stripes, and MORE!"


What is special about The Woolie Pad is that it's designed to fit into all of your edges and corners, giving you consistent and professional-looking results! Use on anything that can be painted! The Woolie faux finish paint tool is fast and easy for beginners to professionals.


We now offer a MINI version of this tool for smaller projects.  Use The Little Woolie to blend your edges and corners to get professional-looking results.

Designed for all types of painting projects. Great for smooth or textured walls.  Plus, you do not need to worry about keeping a "wet edge" when faux finishing - you can start and stop in the middle of the wall if you need to.  This makes this technique PERFECT for large or vaulted walls, floors or ceilings.

We pride ourselves also upon providing you with with the best instruction steps, instruction videos, color ideas and inspiration for your paint decorating.  Since 1997, The Woolie has been the most popular Faux Finishing paint tool brand on the market. Humbly, we're world-famous for our great tools.


Instruction Steps

Using The Woolie Original Faux Paint Pad

If you have never faux finished with The Woolie Faux Painting Tools and Techniques, view our detailed step-by-step instruction videos to ensure your delight and success.



Helpful Tips

  • Dripping is good!  That’s how the paint stays wet, giving you ample time to blend the colors.

  • NOTE:  The most common mistake is not getting enough paint on the surface, causing an uneven texture illusion or streaking of colors.   



Carefully review our 

Preparation Instructions

before you begin..

If you have never faux finished with The Woolie Faux Painting Tools and Techniques, view our detailed step-by-step instruction videos to ensure your delight and success.​

  • Within an approximate 4’ x 4’ area, apply the first paint color directly to the surface using our 5 inch Applicator paint brush.

  • Apply in heavy splotches so that the paint drips/runs.  

  • Leave space in between splotches for additional colors. 

  • Using the same brush, apply the additional color(s) in heavy splotches spaced between the first color splotches.   



  • After all of the colors have been applied, use the applicator brush to lightly spread the paint together across the surface. 

  • Don’t over-blend using the brush because this may cause colors to appear “muddy”.



Helpful Tip

  • The paint should flow easily.  If spreading the splotches of color is difficult, the paint has not been applied heavily enough.  Heavily applying the paint as instructed extends the drying time, which makes this process so unique and easy to do.  


  • Using a LIGHT patting/tapping motion using The Woolie to blend the paints to your desired look.


  • When you reach a corner, edge or ceiling line, just brush the paint colors evenly along these areas with the brush, followed by patting/tapping with The Woolie.

  • A small amount of patting/tapping will give the raw look of granite. More blending will give the appearance of aged leather or suede.

  • Make sure to blend the colors enough to avoid paint drips or any undesired texture on your walls.


Helpful Tips

  • After blending the colors using The Woolie, review the result.  (While the paint is still wet)

  • At that time, if you desire the overall end result to appear lighter, apply more of the lighter color when applying the paints to the surface.

  • If you desire the overall color to be darker, apply more of the darker color(s) when applying paints to the surface.  

  • You do NOT need to tap too aggressively or with excessive force because the amount of force used has no affect on the resulting appearance. Using too much force may void The Woolie Pad warranty.



  • If you have an area that is very small or too difficult to reach, use The Little Woolie to blend these areas.