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Designed for various types of faux finish painting projects. The Woolie Original Faux Finish Painting Tools have been deemed the best-selling and most popular decorative painting tools.

Our best-selling Faux Painting Starter Kits are the best place to start if you've never used The Woolie products before.  Designed for Beginners to include the essential items to ensure your painting technique project success. All items are washable and reusable.

Items that users frequently buy together inspired us to create our Value and Combo Sets.  These ultra high quality products are made with the best materials and have the best performance available.

Paint Technique Options
Faux Painting Techniques

The Color-Meshing paint technique has revolutionized the painting industry worldwide!  So wonderful that it was granted a patent. No new base coat is needed BEFORE you paint!  Blends 2 to 6 colors of wall paint in ONE SINGLE coat, not in layers.  No faux glazes are needed for this one of a kind faux finish method. Because you're using The Woolie patented paint tool for this technique, you'll be able to achieve your paint project success.

WOW!  Show-stopper best describes Marbleizing with The Woolie. So ridiculously fast and easy, this paint technique was patented.  Stately in appearance no matter how subtle or textured the result you create. Applies 2 to 6 colors in ONE coat, not in layers.  No faux glazes are needed for this faux paint finish, just wall paint.  We teach you how create realistic-looking marble veins using a turkey feather. 

The Roller-Meshing Paint Technique

is Beautiful, Fast and Easy.

2 Paint Colors + 1 Paint Roller

+ 1 Split Tray 

= Success!


No new base coat is needed BEFORE you paint!  You can work directly on builder's flat paint, or even a primer coat.  You apply 2 wall paint colors in ONE coat, not in layers. 

The Color Wash Technique is great for any room of your house. Don't bother with rags, brushes and other various tools. Color Washing is soooooo much easier to do with The Woolie.  The Woolie enables you to apply consistent pressure and motions when blending the faux glaze to your desired look.  Using The Woolie tool, y